Prosper Salumu

Human ressources

He is a lecturer and researcher in agricultural economics at the Institut Facultaire des Sciences Agronomiques de Yangambi, DRC. His research, teaching and consultancy work focuses on Climate Change: Adaptation and Mitigation, Applied Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, Tropical Deforestation and Agricultural Development, Econometric Modelling, Agricultural Practices, Impacts of Public Policies on the Environment and Ecosystem Services. Since 2016, Prosper holds a bachelor degree in bioengineering from IFA- Yangambi and a master’s degree in Applied Economics in Environment and Climate Change from Cadi Ayyad University- Marrakech (Morocco) as part of the ERASMUS-EU Inter-University Mobility Program in Africa in 2022. His master dissertation focuses on the economic and environmental modeling of the determinants of greenhouse gas emissions in the agriculture, forestry and land use sector in Morocco. Since then, Prosper has participated in several seminars and workshops in the DRC and abroad on the management of natural resources, climate change and sustainable development.