Delphin Lwanga


Muvatsi Lwanga is a national of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and holds a master’s degree in biodiversity management and sustainable forest management from the University of Kisangani (UNIKIS) since 2015. He is also a PhD student in governance and regional integration at the Institute of governance, humanities and social sciences of the Panafrican University (PAU).
He has worked in Garamba Landscape, in Yangambi Landscape and with many researchers for several projects related to applied landscape approach, woodfuel policies, sustainable woodfuel value chains and livelihoods with the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), The Charcoal Project and the Programme on Ecosystem change and Society (PECS) on Transforming biomass energy sectors for sustainable futures.
His fields of interest relate to Governance of landscape approaches applied to woodfuel value chains, Landscape Approach in Displacement Settings (GLADS), sustainable development, household energy efficiency, capacity building of cook stoves companies and access to the carbon market in the woodfuel sector.